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The Magic Bar Tour at diversity

The Magic Bar Tour 2023 will take place on 07 June 2023 and diversity Munich is involved this year with two stops of the scene venues participating. We are opening the diversity Youth Center and the diversity Cafe at the same time this year. Our regular diversity Bar will of course also be open on this day.

The special thing: The age limit is lifted on this evening!

All visitors who show up with a coupon booklet of the Magic Bar Tour will receive:

  • a glass of Prosecco or juice or mix for 1€ at the diversity Cafe!
  • in the diversity youth center a portion of cotton candy.

Of course you can also buy both at regular prices.

You can expect a lot of good mood, music and drinks!

The event starts on Wednesday, 07.06, as usual at 7 pm at Blumenstraße 11 & 29.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of identity, age (for the Magic Bar Tour the age limit of 27 years is lifted!) and sexuality!

We look forward to seeing you and having a good evening!