Welcome to Wilma!

We are a group of young woman-loving women* from 18 up to and including 27 who like to do fun activities together and meet new people.

Weekend Trip 2024

This year we are finally going on a weekend trip again! From Friday, 27.09. to Sunday, 29.09. we are going to Altötting to the Herrenmühle youth house. At the same time, the Youngsters and Jules will be staying in the neighboring house, with whom we can play a few games in the shared garden and share stick bread around the campfire.

Whether it's crafting or cooking together, singing around the campfire, swimming or talking into the night, the weekend will be something very special for everyone.

The participation fee depends on your financial means. You can set the price for the trip yourself, ranging from 35 to 50 euros. Included are accommodation and meals, as well as the activities we will organize.

If the payment of the participation fee prevents you from taking part in our event, please contact us! In this case, the diversity, for example, can pay part or all of the fee. The best way to contact us about this is via our contact form. Of course, we will treat this confidentially.

So if you are also a woman*loving woman* or non-binary person aged 18 to 27 inclusive and fancy a fun weekend, please register! Newcomers are just as welcome as experienced Wilmas.

Please register via the following link:


The Wilmas are looking forward to an exciting and fun weekend with you!