Summer Trips

We go on our summer trip every year. Get to know all about this trip here.

frients Summer Trip

Our trans*-Summer Trip with about 60 attendees from all over Germany, Switzerland and Austria usually happens around Whitsun and lasts four nights.

What makes this event so special is the feeling of fitting in with a group and not being the odd one out for being trans*. We always come back feeling empowered and with lots of new contacts in our phones.

While being trans* isn’t something super important during this trip, you do not have to hide it. This creates a safe space to be yourself and gives many the possibility to feel free. This is especially important for those who enjoy swimming, which can be an activity you do not participate in freely because of being trans*.

There also are in-depth trans*-Talks happening during our time at the house, where you get the opportunity to ask any questions regarding being trans* or about transitioning.

Summer Trip 2024


This year our annual trans outing will be taking us close to Passau once again. From 17.05. to 21.05.2024 we'll be staying close to the German-Czech border in a secluded house wich is part of the village Haidmühle. With its large outdoor space, there will be lots of opportunities to explore the nature surrounding the house. As always, there will be time to get to know each other as well as organized group activities (e.g. trans-Talk).

Our field trip is a great resource for many trans people across Germany, so save your spot now! Get a ticket here

The exact adress of the house is Bischofsreut 23, 94145 Haidmühle. You can drive there by car or by train (train station "Passau Bf"). From the train station there will be a shuttle bus to the camp.

Some information about us: We're the frients, a group lead by young trans people, that provides fun activities and a safe space for trans youth from ages 14 to 27. We're part of diversity München e.V., a voluntary organization for queer youth from 14 to 27. The group follows the peer-to-peer principle, which means that all the volunteers leading the group are in the same agerange as the participants and also trans. Our main focus is to provide a safer space where trans people can have carefree leisure time. Our regular meet ups are usually limited to one day. That is why we very much look forward to our field trip each year. It provides our participants with more time to get to know each other, forget about the hetero cis world for a while and spend quality time with each other.

The participation fee is subsidized by our organisation to make our activities accessible for everyone, regardless of their budget. If the participation fee is not manageable for you, do not hesitate to contact us here, so that diversity München can partly or fully cover the costs. We'll find a solution.

We're looking forward to having you!


your frients-team