Our consultation hour from young queer people for young queer people

Your anonymous and direct connection to chitchat and get in touch through diversity München

Your queer chitchat!

"queer-to-queer" is a low-threshold offer from the queer youth for the queer youth taking the shape of an anonymous open hour on the phone. That is to say queer-to-queer is a project full of peer-to-peer work!

All of the activities (group meetings, diversity café, and bar) offer space for a manifold of beautiful and personal conversations between visitors and volunteers of our youth organisation, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic this space was severely limited. Even our online group meetings cannot compensate for this problem, as private conversations between just a few people or across different groups within diversity München are not possible.

In order to (re)connect the LGBTIAQ* youth and create a space for likeminded people of about the same age, we created queer-to-queer.

During our open hours, all young queer people are welcome to call us and talk to one of our team members. It is up to you, whether you just want to chitchat, talk about a specific topic (like your coming out, friends, school, or college), or have questions about diversity's activities.

Experiencing a crisis?

queer-to-queer cannot help you, if you're in a concrete crisis situation, but our social workers can counsel and help you with diverse emergency situations! We are no professional social workers and cannot offer expertise on medical and legal matters (e.g. trans topics), but we rather want to use our similar experiences to help each other. Following diversity's peer-to-peer idea we want to create the possibility for a relaxed support environment, in which queer people can meet on their terms.

If you are experiencing a crisis and need help, you can find further information here.

You want to get in touch with us?

Get in touch via our contact form and we can arrange an appointment that suits you: Here you can find further information.