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Welcome to diversity!

Learn more about the diversity youth organization with our youth center and youth café - the home of LGBTIAQ* youth groups in Munich. Whether lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, non-binary, asexual/aromantic, HIV-positive or queer, everyone under 27 meets at diversity! You will find group activities, a youth café, education and much more.

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diversity is the only LGBTAQ* youth center in Bavaria one of just a few selfsupporting youth centers in Germany. We offer youth work from young people for young people.

For many young lesbian, gay, bi, and trans people, we are the first point of contact and afterwards an important place to find support and friends, and just to be themselves.

We provide a safe space for finding one's own identity with low-threshold youth work and professional support.

Despite social progress, empowerment is extremely important for young LGBTIAQ* people in order to be able to represent oneself confidently in a society, in which they still don't belong to the norm.

In order to continue our diverse offerings focused on LGBTAQ* youth, we depend on your help!

Get Involved!

If you enjoy taking on responsibility, if you're open for new experiences and if you want to shape our community's future, then you're always welcome to join our volunteer team!

Here, you'll find further information on how you can get involved.

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With a donation or a supporting membership, you can secure our work and the future of diversity München e.V.