Safe space, how can i satay anonymus?

Here you can find information about our concept, alternatively you can also ask us questions!

Hey you!

You're probably afraid of being outed as positive or meeting youth centre staff who don't know about your diagnosis.

We understand that completely, so we have thought of a way for each person to take advantage of our offer without any worries.


The most important thing in a nutshell:

- The entire JuZ team has been briefed not to carry out any work in the JuZ during a plusPOL event, and no team member comes to "just go to the toilet".

- Our plusPOL team is secretive, so no data or information is passed on except for the number of visitors. We are subject to a self-imposed duty of confidentiality.

- The visitors are all positive themselves, so don't worry!

Still unsure? You still have questions? Write us here via the contact form: