Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Trans* Youth Organisation – diversity München

JUNGS: Werewolf Evening

Hier findest du alle bevorstehenden Veranstaltungen unserer Jugendgruppen und von der diverstiy Bar.

Werewolf Evening

  • diversity Jugendzentrum, Blumenstraße 11 80331 München
  • Friday, 03. June 2022 19:00

Note: This Friday at 5pm an anonymous & free HIV/STI test will be held at the SUB right around the corner. Date and more info at: Test at the SUB

This friday we're playing 'werewolves'. In this role-playing game, the villagers try to find out which of the players secretly try to kill them (the werewolves).

See you on Friday!

Please note our hygiene concept.
Unfortunately, our youth center is not barrier-free. If you are dependent on barrier-free, please contact us in advance using the contact form. We may be able to find a solution.