LesBiGay and Trans* Youth Organisation - diversity München


Hier findest du alle bevorstehenden Veranstaltungen unserer Jugendgruppen und von der diverstiy Bar.


  • diversity Jugendzentrum, Blumenstraße 11 80331 München
  • Friday, 03. December 2021 19:00 - Friday, 03. December 2021 23:00

Our legendary JUNGS-LAN-Party is back!

We will be spending the evening playing computer games. But not the way you became used to during lockdown. Instead, we are going oldschool: Wire a bunch of computer together into a local network, then play 🕹️ multiplayer games while talking to each other through 🎧 teamspeak. Of course, there will also be 🍕 Pizza & 🥤 Cola.

🕹️ What games will be available?

  • Minecraft
  • Sauerbraten (Ego-Shooter)
  • SuperTuxCart (Racing)
  • OpenTTD (City Simulation)

And a few more, that we are not going to disclose just yet ;)

➡️ Join us – Participation Requirements

Please register via the following link: https://events.diversity-muenchen.de/jungs/211203/
You should (ideally) bring your own computer (including the charger!), mouse and headset.

💻 If you do not have a laptop:

Please check the corresponding box during registration. We might be able to provide you with laptop for the evening, but the availability is limited. Please contact us if you are unsure.

Is my X-year old laptop okay?

We don´t now, but propably yes. The games that we picked should run on every system built within the last 8 years. We do recommend a (current release) of Windows, as we have not testes the games on other plattforms. They should work, but we can’t guarantee anything.